Sunday, March 14, 2010

i love my small group.

ana, anika, arianna, nicole, tiff, jessica, lauren, brookie, gabi. they are precious. i love love love them! they are sophomores, juniors, and (one) senior in high school, and i meet with them on thursday nights, and we have a ball. love it.

Monday, March 01, 2010


I am a writer. I have been saying so lately, with confidence. "I'm a recruiter--and a writer." It feels good to be able to boldly label myself.

Let me show you something:
1) I write with quite a lot of consistency. I write most days.
2) I am loving the process of writing a novel. LOVING IT.
3) When I hang out with friends, I want to schedule writing dates.
4) I have been drawing the line, telling acquaintances "no" when they ask for certain favors. This might seem kind of cruel, but it makes me feel devoted actually.
5) I turned down an opportunity to help host the NWC spring variety show (which would have been SO FUN!) because I want more time to write.
6) I turned down an opportunity to be the primary speaker for a week of CAMP because I knew that the amount of prep work would take me away from my novel.
7) I turned down an opportunity to lead a week of morning devos/experiential worship for the same reason as above.

In other words, writing is a priority to me.

Many nights I pray about my novel, the writing process, etc., and I often find myself thanking God for making me a writer. It's interesting because--well--if I wasn't a writer, I guess I'd never know the difference. But I am and I do. The other night I prayed that I delight in words but that I also delight IN THAT DELIGHT.

I am blessed. I am a writer.

And so long as the world hasn't seen my manuscript yet, I can say that with confidence. :-)