Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today was AWESOME.

First of all, I slept in. LOVE IT. Got up, got ready, read my Bible, ate some lunch, left for Kimball (to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Bec's wedding next weekend!).

Called my college roomie Tracy on the way there, and we talked for around an HOUR, getting caught up. I have so many memories with this girl, sigh. It was lovely to chat.

Home. WONDERFUL. I love love love love love love love my family! Kevy was home from college, and Kristin didn't have to work, so the whole family went out for pizza, where Kevin got the family to sing "Happy Birthday" to me (recall: my birthday is in JANUARY). The restaurant joined in and then everyone CLAPPED. I did a little wave to the restaurant crowd and said thank you. It was pretty hilarious.

On the way home, Kevy popped in the soundtrack to "The Promise," a musical passion play that we've seen and LOVE, and the whole family sang the songs together. If you know my family AT ALL, you know they're pretty crazy and fun. It was SO, SO wonderful to be with them, riding together in Kristin's Intrepid, singing songs about our Savior, and knowing that every member of my family loves Jesus Christ. What a BLESSING.

I realize that this little story makes us sound like a quaint little Brady Bunch family who sits down to sing old hymns by the fire before bed. The truth is that we fight and argue and say ugly things, but also that we love each other and love our King, and so, imperfect as my family is, we belong to the Lord, and I treasure that.

On the way home, my friend Erick called and WE got to catch up! Hooray! He even prayed for me over the phone; again, what a blessing. I love my life and my friends. Thank You, Savior.

Tomorrow ... another good day coming up! Trying out Ambassador Baptist in the morning; then CAMP REUNION in the afternoon/evening, and then hanging out with Al-Gal!!!!! Sounds exhausting, all in all, doesn't it? To me too. But it should be lovely. I am so excited to see my camp peeps!


Friday, October 27, 2006

another friday

i guess i'm going to A&W with linds tonight.

here's the thing. i want to be alone (i'm reading yet ANOTHER great c.s. lewis book), but i don't want to be alone. i bet some of you understand what i mean.

i think the "friday" tag has a lot to do with it. if it were tuesday, i would be all about sitting in my bed, reading my book, chilling out and relaxing all cool like the fresh prince.

but it's not tuesday. it's friday. friday means you are supposed to have a life. you are supposed to DO things. you are supposed to have friends over or go somewhere with them. SIGH.

i think i will maybe do both. go hang out with lindsey's pals, then return home to the Lodge for a evening with Jack Lewis. sigh.

i apologize for my boring post. the end.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i love Jesus

i really do. i REALLY, REALLY do.

Thank You, my King, for Your wonderous love, for Your humor and constancy. You alone are the matchless King; to You alone be all majesty.

i love you, precious Savior.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Random Photos

i love my sodakers Posted by Picasa

Saturday night. Sitting with Trixie, watching episodes of The Office. Thought I'd put random photos on my blog. Enjoy. :-)

jackie lea

timmy! Posted by Picasa

Sr. High Camp 2006, my partner-in-crime for the week. :-)

panera Posted by Picasa

Like the "Aslan is on the Move" shirt? Awww yeah.

awww sir william Posted by Picasa

Love this kiddo. MN Christian Teen Convention 2006.

awwwwww!!! wouldn't it be great to BE THERE???? Posted by Picasa

i love camp. i LOVE camp. I. LOVE. CAMP.

ec Posted by Picasa


RR Posted by Picasa

I believe that this photo was taken after a train had finally gone by. As you can see, I was pleased that the wait was over. :-)

that-70s-show jackie Posted by Picasa

see what i mean?


i know i've already said i don't like church shopping, but let me say it again:

i do NOT like church shopping. i really really really really REALLY wish that i had a church home. sigh.

Please, Lord, guide me to place where I will both fit in and where You want to use me.

and now i will post pictures of whatever. for fun. :-)

One week ago ...

awwww! Minneapolis! Posted by Picasa

I was driving back to the Cities from South Dakota, and I approached Minneapolis, looking lovely a) because the view of Mpls from 35W North is decently spectacular, b) because I miss the city and was almost HOME (and got to see eir later that night!), c) because it had a weird glow to it from the sunset.

And as the sun lowered ...

coolio Posted by Picasa

... the pinkish glow became more prominent. And quickly changed to COPPER ...

blazing copper Posted by Picasa

... a BLAZING copper, as you can maybe tell from this (really bad) photo (taken while flying down the freeway). Doesn't that building look like it is made of glass, reflecting the sunlight?

copper Posted by Picasa

I wish you could have seen this! I have only seen this maybe one other time where the sunset is JUST RIGHT to make the entire scene GOLD, absolutely washed in gold. Last Friday's was cool. The time before that was BREATHTAKING. ... and kinda eery.

COPPER! Posted by Picasa

The buildings looked AWESOME, radiantly orange/copper, everywhere you looked. (My pictures do NOT do this scene justice. They were taken from my PHONE.)

bright rearview Posted by Picasa

Took a snapshot of my rearview mirror. Here's how it captured the brightness of the sunset behind me.

rearview Posted by Picasa

A moment or so later, as the sun continued to set behind the Mpls skyline.

35W Posted by Picasa

sunset Posted by Picasa

... and from the Target parking lot.

(I wish I would have had a really quality camera to take these photos. I wish you could understand what this REALLY looked like!)

Friday, October 13, 2006


i'm back in MINNESOTA. hooray!!!!

good news that coincides with it:
EIR is back in MINNESOTA! HOORAY!!!!!!!

i will have to post my (poor quality) pictures from driving back into the Cities tonight. i think i have only seen this one other time, where the sun hits everything in such a way that everything turns a crazy copper. the other time was even MORE stunning than earlier tonight, but i will post the pics i have nevertheless. (don't get too excited; the pictures were taken on my PDA.)

love! joy! weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

How appropriate!

"Jack's Campers" -- YESSSSS! Posted by Picasa

I LOVE IT. I feel like we should have a PHCA reunion underneath this sign ... "Jack's Campers" -- I wish the pic were bigger and better. I took this flying 75 mph (legal in SoDak!) on I-90.

An unfinished town

Part of the roads were "paved" with red rocks ... Posted by Picasa

Now, I don't want to sound like a city slicker (as Kevy thinks I am). Remember, I grew up in KIMBALL, pop. 690.

... but today I went to a town that was so old-school that I felt like I was in some time-stands-still place on earth. The gas pumps were the old kind, where you think Gomer's gonna step outside and fill 'er up for you. Parts of the roads stopped with the tar and started with this red-rock concoction. I don't exactly know how to describe the town so that you can understand what I'm getting at!

Oh little old Mayberry. In South Dakota. :-)

Aw man, you can't read it. But on the back window was written "Kylie's Daddy's Truck" -- AWWWW! Posted by Picasa

Check this BRIDGE out! (I did.) Posted by Picasa

it was a double-decker bridge!!! LOVE IT! Posted by Picasa

I ended up crossing the state line into Nebraska! Posted by Picasa

thumbs up, nebraska! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Watertown, SoDak

beautiful! Posted by Picasa

This is a gorgeous gazebo in Watertown that I have wanted to go into and FINALLY went up to it yesterday ... it was locked. I took pics.