Thursday, June 28, 2007

another good day!

work went very well, had lunch with my office at chilis (awesome blossom, extra awesome, hahaha), came home, read, went shopping for jada's shower, jogged, wrote a bit.

i'm going to go sit down at my desk and write s'more. fun stuff!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sweet productivity!

I prayed that today would be productive, and THANK YOU, JESUS, it was!

I got a ton done at work, had lunch outside with my friend Anna, and went jogging tonight. I read some of my new book tonight, watered the lawn/played with the dog, and now am sitting down to write.

I miss people a lot. I miss my camp friends, and I miss the NWC peeps. I miss my roomie Des, and I miss my darling eir.

And my arm hurts.

BUT what a great day! :-)

P.S. Ten points to anyone who can tell me what tree it is that smells SOOOO GOOD outside!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

faith restored

thank you, lovely posters.

i went back to work today after being gone more than there for the last two weeks. i feel behind. i'm still leading my team, but the distance between me and number two is down to just ONE STUDENT. insane, no? i'm going to lose.

(fyi, we don't actually FOR REAL compete against one another; we're a team. but we do have friendly competition. hee hee.)

tonight: finish cleaning my room (it looks great), maybe go to borders, jog?, write for a while. sounds good to me.

my sleep system is all out of whack after sleeping so much while sick and going to sleep late/sleeping in, so i'm forcing myself back into the swing of things.

i just ate ice cream for supper. i am so irresponsible.

Monday, June 25, 2007

i need affirmation

post if you read my blog.

sometimes i feel like i'm mostly just keeping a diary.

one more day

home from work, still trying to "rest off" that camp bug.

i sure do miss eir. and a lot of the old gang. i hope whit is having fun at camp right now.

i am re-reading the narnia books. they're so great.

i'm overwhelmed.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

i wish

i could write poems as lovely as shells that glow.

Friday, June 22, 2007

i miss camp.

this past week, going outside in the evening has given me strange reminders of pine haven. sure do miss being there, my fellow counselors, and the kiddos. and being away from the "real world." i'll be back in august.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

eir asked for camp stories. here's an excerpt of my email to her ...

I LOVED MY FAMILY. it was probably one of my top three families ever, we had so much fun. laughed a lot. I laughed so hard that my stomach and back hurt on the volleyball court one day. I haven’t laughed like that in YEARS. it was so good. our family’s name was “the b’dewayne mcgrrrrrr experiement: awkward flowers of Kuwait” -- please enjoy. there was a boy in our family named matt mcgirr who’d never been there before, pretty quiet boy, and he was one of our family mascots. it was soooo great.

erick klein and I talked on the dock til like 2am one morning. that was great.

whit and I prayed on the dock in morningside one day. nice.

my family’s lip sync was so funny (at least to me); it was like an aerobics video. I was on the low-intensity side and eventually fell out of my chair and “couldn’t get back up” but tried to keep up with the leader nevertheless. tay thought I was funny!!!! yay!

on thursday night, they had 90 minutes of a “response time” where they could visit different stations like “I serve” or ‘I forgive” – and I was one of like 8-10 faculty who sat in the commons area, waiting to talk to students. we stayed pretty busy. I got to have three good conversations that day. sigh. I love camp. and kids. but mostly Jesus.

I taught a class. it went fine.

gavy was there. he shaved one day and I kept saying, “There’s that baby face I love!” HAHAHA.

Andrew prayed in his family like this: “dearbabyJesus …”

andy Siemens looks grown up!!!! crazy how they change!

London impressed me with his maturity and leadership even though Kevin and jay weren’t there.

paige allen is gorgeous. so is Tanya hahn.

buncha kids talked to me about nwc.


lesseeee …. oh I don’t know, lots of things. DORA was in my family! I love her. we went canoeing one day.

megs’ and my activity night went GREAT!

Monday, June 18, 2007

camp and cindy

these are two tiny samplings from camp and from cindy's wedding reception.

see more pics on my facebook account!

jackie lea

Saturday, June 16, 2007


and exhausted.

i drove 6 hours out to two rivers, wisconsin, today to see my darling friend cindy, and it was SO WORTH IT. it was so much fun. 6 hours with her, her GREAT husband ben, and her fun friends. very fun.

we ate, took some pictures, and we DANCED FOR HOURS!!! it was great.

again, pictures to come.

but for now -- sleep -- then tomorrow: back to the shanty to resume "normal" life. :-)


and for Your mercy.

Friday, June 15, 2007


and exhausted.

it was great.

God is so lovely.

i adore teens.

pictures and stories to come.

but first -- sleep. then tomorrow -- cindy!!!! this will be the first time we've seen each other in 3 years!! I'M EXCITED!

(but exhausted.)


Saturday, June 09, 2007


oh my goodness! camp is TOMORROW.

I'm so overwhelmed!!!

I'm so excited to SEE PEOPLE and to hang out and to worship with Dro and Whit and Megs and Jon and Erick and Heather and Dani!!!!


Wow, I had a great day today.
Tricia made french toast for me and Linds.
Went to 9th/10th camp meeting; was great, saw camp peeps!
Bec and Matt and Mir came over.
Went to London's grad party, fun!
Jeff and Alyssa came over.
great day, eh? tiring too!

Plus, somewhere in there i packed and bought a swimsuit and did loads of laundry and wrote a note for london.

I'm really overwhelmed but just gonna deal with stuff in the morning. There's still work to be done before headed to Long Lake.

Oh Long Lake! Long LAKE!!! I'M COMING!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


so very, very soon.

i love Jesus.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


aren't they so sad sometimes? especially when you just LOVE the original.

i'm still processing. The Last Unicorn is one of my top 10 books, and I just read the short sequel to it.

It's SO strange ... I felt happy to be with those characters again. I could hear their voices, and when they said or did things, I thought, "Oh yes, that's just like her," etc.

And now it's over, and as I said, I'm processing. I guess it was a good, fitting ending.

I wish there was more to read. I should pull out the original and be with them again.

i have good friends

i really do.

Monday, June 04, 2007

got it.

exhausting. hahaha!

unfortunately ...

now my profile is missing.

can anyone say, "jackie is not an html whiz"?

figured it out

and now my entries are left-aligned again.

and i can bear to look at them.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

i hate that my entries are centered

but i haven't had a chance to figure out how i screwed up the template yet.

how are you all?

jackie lea