Sunday, August 01, 2010


My Japanese friend Junichi and I have an interesting story. During his year in the States, Junichi and I both were part of Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Although we both went to Wednesday night Bible study and Sunday night candlelight worship service, I do not think that we talked once until right before he was about to leave.

But that Sunday night, Junichi, a couple others, and I were in a small prayer group together. The details are blurry in my mind, but I do remember that we sat on the wooden floor by the west door and shared prayer requests. Junichi must have felt off; Amber asked if it was because he was about to return to Japan soon. I remember that the atmosphere as we prayed was so full and so loving that I lay my hand on Junichi as I prayed for him. We later discussed what happened that evening and agreed that something special had occurred. In any case, I was now bonded to Junichi, who then returned to Japan.

From time to time, Junichi and I will email, catch up on the other’s life. I love those magical moments of life that – though hazy – you know something incredible is happening, and you are a witness. Dimmed lights, wooden floor, a heart frantic and caught between two countries, and the Holy Spirit among us.

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